How We Work

When considering a new client/advisor relationship, you want to be sure your investment philosophies and expectations match that of your new advisor. This is integral to a partnership based on trust and integrity and is key to your feeling confident in working towards your investment goals.

More than likely, you have many questions. You might be wondering how to build your nest egg. You might have a pension, social security, and a 401(k). You’ve always contributed and never had to take income. What’s next? How much do you need to live comfortably?

When meeting with our clients, HF Advisory Group initiates a partnership between the client and advisor. We’ll work together to identify your financial goals and investment style and determine an asset allocation that matches your risk tolerance and needs.


Investment planning is an ongoing process. It is important to look at the full picture and continually revisit in order to help you achieve your financial goals. In our first meeting, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your overall financial profile and dig into your entire situation. We’ll go beyond the basics and look at things like your parents and their health and stage in life and your kids and their educational plans. We’ll take into consideration other critical financial events that might affect you now or in the future such as receiving a pay increase or losing your job, while always thinking about retirement.

Our purpose is to cushion the effects of these events in your life so you can stay on track and continue to progress towards your goals.

Based on the information we gather at the first meeting, we’ll recommend an investment strategy that fits those needs. A strategy and action plan will be developed to help us monitor your progress.

Once your assets have transferred to the selected vehicles, you’ll be notified via email and provided online access to your account.

Conducting periodic reviews with our clients is an essential step to your financial success. In order for our investment philosophy to work, we regularly update your financial situation to ensure you are on course to meet your financial goals and objective.

We monitor your investment progress and make any necessary adjustments. As there are fluctuations in the market, changes in percentage weights within our clients portfolio are imminent. We keep your portfolio focused on the investment model, ensuring your investment plan stays on target.

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